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Product Description Home Size Humidity Removal Application Refrigerant Electrical Rating
DR65A2000 65-pint dehumidifier with
MERV 11 filtration
2-3 ton system
Approx. 1,800 sq. feet
65 pintsper day at 800F,60%RH

Smaller homes, condos,
townhomes, crawlspaces, basements and attics

110-120V, 5.2 amps, 60Hz, grounded
DR90A2000 90-pint dehumidifier with
MERV 11 filtration
3-4 ton system
Approx. 2,800 sq. feet
90 pintsper day at 800F,60%RH
Single homes,
multi-family homes
and larger homes
110-120V, 6.3 amps, 60Hz, grounded
DR120A2000 120-pint dehumidifier with
MERV 11 filtration
4-5 ton system Approx. 3,600 sq. feet
120 pintsper day at 800F,60%RH
Larger homes,
110-120V, 8.1amps, 60Hz, grounded
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